Tatay Eduardo’s figurines and coin banks

FOR the past 30 years, Tatay Eduardo Dujale has molded and produced thousands of figurine items and coin banks that have found its places in many homes in Negros and even abroad.

Now at 63, he still continues with his passion of growing his business into a legacy he wishes to pass on to his grandchildren.

“Indi ini lahog lahog nga negosyo kay tilawan ya gid ang imo pasensya kag kaalam (Having a business is no joke. It tests your patience and knowledge),” he shares while engaging me in a hands-on experience he has mastered over time.

As a former downtown hotel worker, he was able to interact with businessmen, office workers and even with rich families of the province, which inspired him to pursue his own passion project.

He has transformed his house at Purok Lison in the coastal community of Barangay 1, Bacolod City as a part backyard production house, molding hundreds of figurine sculptures, piggy banks, and religious items weekly.

These household items are usually sold three to four times more that its base price to tourists and visitors eating in dining strips in the city.

“Pirme kita may tawo sa Manokan, sa mga baligyaan pasalubong, kag sa mga lugar nga pirme gina kadtuan sang aton mga turista. Ang mga foreigner nanamian kag nabaratohan sila sang aton presyo amo na nga ang iban sa ila ga pakyaw mag bakal (We have sales people at Manokan, pasalubong centers, and places frequented by tourists. Foreigners like our items. They find it cheap and some of them buy these in bulk),” he says with vigor while completing his famous items.

In a day, his brother and sons use two to three sacks of white cement and high grade materials to complete their usual target of 70 to 80 assorted items for sale. Their income is enough to meet the needs of the family, partly send his grandchildren to school, and live with contentment with his wife. Some members of his family are responsible in sorting out the items, painting, and others peddle these in the streets.

The year 2000 saw the business in bad shape as his trusted partners swindled him of his money and put his passion to rest. He was inspired by his wife to continue and emerge better after the setback. It was then that he realized the importance of putting one’s trust to people who truly deserve them.

After 18 years since 2000, Tatay Eduardo was able to reach many homes, and year after year, has enticed many families with his creativity and ingenuity.

His piggy banks is a true testament of his patience to provide a better life for his family through being consistent in one trait he wish for others to emulate, that is, becoming a mindful saver.

Source: SunStar

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